Gentle Touch Stables

Lesson Program

Mr. White and Student

Private and group lessons are provided for riders over five years of age. The goals of our riding program are:

Beginning riders will receive private training, and will be placed in a group lesson as appropriate based on evaluation of skills by Gentle Touch training staff.  Initial training will include equine care (grooming and tack) in addition to equestrian skill development.  Lessons are offered at $40.00 per lesson for either 1 hour group or 1/2 hour private.  We require a minimum commitment of one month in order to enroll in the lesson program.  A liability release form will need to be signed prior to first lesson.   Riders must conform to all safety and equine health standards of the stables.  In addition, all riders are expected to take care of all Gentle Touch equipment and property appropriately at the risk of dismissal.  Failure to return tack or other equipment will lead to billing of said tack.

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All riders must wear approved helmets, appropriate footwear, and long pants while riding.  Riding boots are required in order to begin participation in the lesson program.  Failure to adhere to Gentle Touch requirements may lead to dismissal from the riding program.

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