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Looking for an exciting and rewarding way to spend your summer vacation? Want to learn more than ever about the care and training of Hunter Horses? Sign up now for the Summer Working Apprentice Program!


Session 1: June 22th - July 17th
Session 2: July 20th - August 14th


Each working apprentice is expected to arrive at the barn by 7:30 each morning, Monday through Friday. Parents can pick up their children at noon.


The cost of each four week session is $500.00 per apprentice. Payment is due in full prior to the first day of the apprenticeship. Refunds are not available for missed days.


  1. An unsatisfiable desire for greater knowledge of horses
  2. A willingness to learn new ideas and details regarding care, control, and training of the horse—open minds are required
  3. Willingness and ability to listen
  4. Willingness and ability to follow instructions
  5. No whining or complaining
  6. Must be willing to work —this is a "working apprentice program"
  7. Must be at least 10 years of age


  1. This is an intensive four week program what will teach you about the care and training of performance horses. Apprentices will learn to recognize health and soundness issues, how to design and implement a training regimen for individual horses, and how to work within a busy training facility.
  2. Activities may include cleaning in and around the stable, maintaining tack, and preparing orders for hay, feed, or bedding. A well-rounded horseman understands and appreciates each aspect of horse care and maintenance.
  3. Duties will range from grooming, wrapping, tacking up/down, bathing, exercising, and more. An understanding of how, when and why to care for and train a horse is vital to the horseman's education and will be emphasized with our program.
  4. At the end of their session the apprentice will have grown from an every-day rider and student to a budding horseman.


  1. This is not a riding lesson program. Your riding may be very limited (depending on skill and level of comprehension). You may be asked to assist the trainer in tacking the horse or in cooling the horse down following the training session.
  2. This is not an inexpensive baby sitting program. If you do not participate in the program as directed, you will be dismissed from the program. There will be no refunds of enrollment fees.
  3. This is not for the person who wants to choose what they do. This program will be designed to educate in all aspects of horse management, from stall cleaning, grooming, wraps, mane pulling, clipping, to training.

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